November #LiveWell2017 recap

Day 334 of #LiveWell2017

Wow! It’s the end of November. It’s hard to believe we are approaching the end of another calendar year so quickly. I hope every one of you had a marvelous Thanksgiving. And I hope you are grateful for every moment of your life. I know I am. Here are all the #LiveWell2017 graphics I posted during November…grateful for each day lived to the fullest and for all of you who stop by to read this blog now and then!

Day 306 THISDay 317 kindnessdayDay 318 AdaptDay 320 valuableDay 323 Sun - supposed to beDay 324 love is the bridgeDay 325 Tues change anythingDay 326 Wed choose wiselyDay 327 ThanksgivingDay 328 start day with love, peace, joyDay 329 zen mountains pirsigDay 331 death of a friendDay 332 start a day



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