My name is Deb. I am and always have been a seeker. I seek truth, knowledge, skills, challenges, opportunities, experiences, inspiration – as an educator, a librarian, a biologist, a mom and wife, a student, a volunteer, a human being, and all the other roles I play at one time or another… I believe in making the most of every minute, and helping everyone I can each day. I love life and learning, and usually- no matter what I am doing – I am always trying to find ways to do it better.


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  1. One other thought. I read recently that young people entering college today are actually writing better because of texting and time spent on social networking platforms. There was some thought that because they are writing for an audience, more so than any other generation, they are better at capturing a reader’s attention. I thought it was interesting as most of what I’ve heard was just the opposite. Might make an interesting blog post for you.


  2. Thanks for the idea Dean. I will consider it. I’ve finally gotten some of the teachers at my school to begin blogging with their students as an authentic learning experience and am eager to see the results…

    • That’s a great question. As someone with a background in science, I see truth as something verifiable by facts and data. I understand that truth for some people truth includes what they believe (think religion), even if not supported by facts or data. Philosophically speaking, truth is “that which corresponds to reality, that which matches its object, or is simply telling it like it is.” What do you think truth is?

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