Include everyone

Day 211 of #LiveWell2017

Day 211 include everyone

In The Kindness Handbook by Sharon Salzberg, she writes about an elementary school rule for kindness that she saw posted on a school wall: Everyone can play. This simple rule means include everyone. Invite everyone to join in. Don’t leave that kid standing alone on the sidelines, head hung low.

In her own practice with this rule, Salzberg made a remarkable discovery: as she paid closer attention to people in her daily life, she noticed “more hints of loneliness in those I encountered than I had seen before, more subtle echoes of that forlorn child.” This got me to thinking that I may be missing some clues in the people around me. So, today. I want to practice inclusion, letting everyone play. It will take being focused on everyone in my group, and paying attention to subtle signs of exclusion. This could be a challenge.

This is the final day for practicing Elementary School Rules, so let’s do it right! Let’s include everyone today 🙂

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