Help others when they need help

Day 210 of #LiveWell2017

Day 210 help others

Day 5 of practicing Elementary School Rules… help others when they need help.

The other day I mentioned a study about toddlers who automatically showed kindness when someone was in need. In that study, the toddlers, without prompting, did things like pick up a clothespin that someone else dropped, but they did not offer to help when the person deliberately threw a clothespin across the room. Even at 18 months old, children know when people genuinely need help.

Today, we are going to practice helping people who need help. During your daily activities, be aware of the people around you. Tune in to their faces, their attitudes, and their actions. If you see someone who genuinely needs help, do something to help them. I’ve always thought one of the best questions you can teach a child is “How can I help”? So, let’s be the adults who model that today. You don’t even have to ask if the help you can give is simple and obvious (like picking up the clothespin).

Help others when they need help today, and let me know what opportunities presented themselves to you.

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