Day 213 of #LiveWell2017

Day 213 Let the world come alive

Welcome to August! Let the world come alive! Let life fill you with peace and joy this moment.

I’ll be cutting back to weekly (maybe twice a week) posts this month because we are in the middle of a big move back across the country. Some of my posts will be about mindful transitions since we are moving into another phase of life. This is a great opportunity for me to practice mindfulness, kindness, and generosity, and to contemplate the impermanence of everything.

These next few weeks will be a time for reflection and gratitude for the wonderful friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had in the Pacific Northwest. It will also be an exercise in staying present, appreciating each of the last moments I have here, while I prepare for our move across country. I’m looking forward to the new adventure, but need to remember that each moment is the only moment we have and to make the most of the present while I’m in it!

I know of others who are going through transitions this month, too. Some of those transitions are tough. Situations that feel burdensome and raw. So, let’s all practice some loving-kindness for those who are in the midst of change this month and wish them all good wishes, happy hearts, and internal peace.

Have you moved before? Made some other kind of big change? How do you stay present and make the most of each moment while you move forward?


  1. Happy moving to you and Keith! I’m sure it will go smoothly. Looking forward to seeing some great pictures of NC!

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