Find your happy place

Day 96 of #LiveWell2017

Day 96 happy place

Have you ever heard someone say they are “going to their happy place”? It could mean that they are actually going to visit a physical place that makes them happy, or it could mean they are imagining a special place as a way to take their mind off of something less pleasant, like sitting in the dentist chair!

I’ve had a lot of happy places in my life. A secret spot along the CREW Marsh Trails, a fishing hole near Annie’s Creek, hiking along most any trail on Mt. Hood, sitting at the top of Tom, Dick & Harry Mountain looking at Mt. Hood, holding hands with the love of my life anywhere. Each of these places brings me immense pleasure and soothes my soul. They are places where I feel connected, loved, happy.

But happy places don’t have to be physical places on this earth. They can be states of mind or consciousness that calm us, clear our heads, reduce stress, or bring us into the present moment. They can also bring us out of the depths of a sad mood. Thinking about a place where you had a happy memory or a happy activity like stroking your cats and hearing them purr, soaking in a hot tub, or just breathing three deep breaths can help increase our serotonin levels and boost our happiness meters.

Getting to our mental, mindful, happy place means slowing down, taking deep breaths and giving ourselves space to just be. Let thoughts settle or flow by, breathe, picture the place or activity that you associate with being happy, hold it in your mind. Smile. Breathe. Relax.

Where is your happy place? How do you get there?

#LiveWell, my friend.


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