Cherish the chocolate

Day 37 of #LiveWell2017


Picture this: pop a morsel of sweet, dark chocolate in your mouth and then just let it melt, slowly turning from solid to liquid, covering your tongue with warm goodness and filling your mouth with happiness. For chocolate lovers, that’s a sensual experience. A moment of pure joy – and mindfulness.

Yes, mindful eating or drinking is a thing. Whether it is sipping a morning cup of coffee or noshing on nachos at the local pub after work, eating with the intention of being mindful is a powerful tool for improving our health and well-being. Paying attention to the act of eating or drinking can bring a lot of clarity to your daily life.

First, it forces you to do one thing at a time. Turn off the TV, put the cell phone in the next room, and just eat. Savor the smells, the textures, the flavors of each bite. Notice the weight of the fork, the temperature of the food, the sensations of your body as it responds to the food.

It doesn’t take a huge effort. Simply try to appreciate the food and its nourishment while you are taking it into your body. Enjoy the moments, the sensations. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your cook will thank you.

Be a mindful eater. Savor the chocolate.



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