The value of a moment

Day 25 of #LiveWell2017



Did you ever watch a sunset – on the beach, over a mountain, in your backyard? Did you notice how the sky changes so quickly during a sunset? One minute it’s bright blue and white, then clouds shift and the colors change to pink or gold. And just as you think darkness will fold over on top of you, a brilliant streak of fire shoots into the sky. And then it’s gone. Just. Like. That.

I’ve been thinking about this Dr. Seuss quote a lot lately. How moments pass so quickly, then they become memories. I live a long way from my family – my son, my parents, my brother, my cousins. So, my moments with them are fast and fleeting – and precious. The same is true for the moments I spend with my friends and the moments I have with my life partner. They go by so quickly, and then they are mere memories.

That’s why it is so important to be in the present moment, to savor every second, to appreciate what is right there in front of us, to value that time and place and presence, while we have it. It won’t be there for long.

What precious gifts are in front of you right now? How are you savoring them?

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