Honoring The Fallen… (via here’s what I know…)

We’ve heard a lot of pundits and politicians talk about the Tucson shootings last weekend and speculate on the underlying cause and talk about how we need to be more civil to each other, but this thoughtful, reflective post from krmdgin gives us all something small and tangible to do about it. Thanks for the insight and reminder…

Honoring The Fallen... What a week. We have witnessed the absolute worst of humankind, juxtaposed with the very best we have to offer. Bravery and steadfast determination alongside demonic evil. Thoughtless and gutless comments from leaders and neighbors and strangers at one moment, and comforting and healing words from others in the next. Each of us is finding our own way of dealing with the events in Tucson last weekend. We are all looking for some way to make sense … Read More

via here’s what I know…

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