A new year, a new batch of critters

Happy New Year, all!

Around Thanksgiving of last year our inexpensive, but hardy trail camera stopped working. Santa (Mr. EndlessSeeker) was generous enough to bring us a replacement, and we’re real happy with the quality of the pictures and videos (though they do lose some quality when rendered for the web). About the same time the camera broke, we added some acreage to Pokeberry Pines (the lot next door that we were lucky enough to purchase and split with our neighbors). We walked and then marked a new trail (Woodpecker Way) up through the center of those new piney woods, and the critters didn’t take long to start using it. I set up the camera at an intersection of the new trails, and we got a few surprises on the cameras during this first week of 2023…

First, we got a one-antlered deer hobbling through on a bum leg…

I expect that missing antler is making some mice very happy…

Then, one morning a couple of wild turkeys came cruising by…(turn up the volume to hear a cool sound at the beginning)

And this weekend we had a parade of whitetail deer come through during the wee hours of the mornings. Looks like they headed down to the creek around 3:10 AM, ate all the plants they could find and returned around 5:15 AM. We love seeing them and knowing they are here, but we are glad to have our deer fence protecting our back yard and all the pollinator plants and trees we have planted.

It’s always fun to check the cameras and see what surprises we find. Knowing we are preserving and enhancing a little bit of habitat makes checking the cameras that much more exciting. Here’s to a new year full of wildlife and wonders.

What critters have you seen or heard around your homestead lately?

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