Summer pollinators

The sweat trickles down my back as the cicadas drone on in the woods. The air is as thick as honey and moving just as slowly. Heat, humidity, and insects mean it’s high summer and, fortunately (in spite of the drought here) our yard is filled with native blooms – yellow, pink, red, white, purple, blue, orange. The blooms lure in the pollinators as well. Sometimes when I look out at or walk through our gardens, it simply takes my breath away. So much color and texture. So much diversity. So much life! It is a joy to see our dream come true – transforming this space into a vibrant, buzzing, diverse ecosystem.

Mr. EndlessSeeker has been feeling it, too, and this week surprised me with a beautiful new sign that totally captures how we feel about our yarden:

A brief walk through the gardens is all I need to be reminded that humans are just one small part of this big, amazing universe. (The photos from the James Webb Space Telescope this week are another good reminder!!) The short video below captures some of the current magic that is happening in just a quick walk through the gardens today…Enjoy!


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