The view from my window…

I wake up each day and look out my bedroom window. Right now, in the heart of summer, that one small, ordinary act takes my breath away and fills me with gratitude.

The view from my window…

What I see is life in all of its glory and abundance… Every color of the rainbow… Textures and shapes… Flowers, leaves, birds, bees… Layers of life all intertwined, messy and beautiful.

What I see is intention turned into reality… A conscious creation blended with serendipity and the unstoppable forces of natural selection. What I see is an ecosystem that did not exist two years ago but now thrives and has a life of its own.

It fills me with gratitude and joy and awe. This intentional accident. This wondrous wildness. This bounty of beauty. What a great treasure this refuge is and looking out upon it is a beautiful way to start the day.

Taking a moment to appreciate what is here, what I am a part of, what nurtures me is a gift I give myself each morning. I hope you look out into your world today and see the wonder and feel the magic of what lies beyond your window frame. Happy day!


  1. Your view is absolutely gorgeous! I feel the same way about our little garden and potted plants. I am thankful for the little things we have and are able to do in our little yard, with our little garden and plants. Grateful for everything each plant brings to the day and will eventually bring through the season.

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