Wisdom of spring on this equinox

“Nature does not hurry
Yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Sun rising on the spring equinox, 2022

Welcome to spring, all! Today marks the beginning of the light half of the year. Spring Equinox, the celebration of the spring Goddesses Ostara/Eostre/Astarte/Ishtar. Today we face East and speak words of gratitude to the land and sky of a new day and new beginnings. Today we celebrate renewal and growth, fertile ground, warm air, and life re-emerging from winter’s embrace.

A violet emerges from the leaf litter

As usual, Mr. EndlessSeeker and I walked the yarden and woods in the crisp cool of this morning – he in his pajamas and me in my cap. We greeted each new leaf bud, each new flower, grateful to see the beginnings of new growth and fertility unfolding around us. It is a welcome journey, these morning wanderings and watchings. Paying attention to the plants and animals here helps us remember that nature moves at its own pace with deep knowing. It helps us let go of our desire to control what happens. It helps us learn to live with the seasons, appreciate the changes, find calm and patience as we wait to see what is to come.

Black cherry tree with new leaves and flower buds

The black cherry tree near our driveway has leafed out and is sprouting flower buds. The one in our front yard is barely showing signs of leaf buds. Each in its own time. Each in a different micro-habitat with different needs and pace.

There is much wisdom around us in the plants and soil, rocks and water – billions of years worth of knowing. We can learn much from being still, walking slowly, opening our minds and hearts and spirits to that collective wisdom of the earth.

Mayapples popping up in the woods

As the plants unfurl, the phoebe’s are nesting above our gutter pipe, the wrens are building one on our front porch. Bluebirds chortle and flit around the backyard snatching worms while the woodpeckers drum and the red-shouldered hawks call and circle above us. Spring is all about bonding, mating, life beginning anew.

Happy Spring and peaceful journeys to you as you celebrate this day.

Enjoy your day, your woods, your yard, your teachers – every moment, every day.

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