You know spring is coming when…

There are a few things that hint at spring here in the piedmont of NC… Squirrels nesting, red-shouldered hawks courting, warm days here and there… But when these things show up, you know that spring is just around the corner…

Trout lilies pop up. We planted a few last spring and are delighted to have them sprouting up this year.
While looking at our baby trout lilies, I spotted two Giant Red Velvet Mites. I was so surprised when I saw these last spring, and am thrilled to see them back this year.
The daffodils are in their glory right now.
Though not on our property, I spotted my first bluets while walking near our house yesterday.

The pileated woodpeckers have been tearing up dead logs and drumming. And every day brings a new sprout, another opened bud, a sparkle of color that wasn’t there the day before.

Spring is coming… Now, if it would just rain a little more.

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