Art and awe: Two poppies

Sometimes a seemingly insignificant phenomenon can leave a lasting impression, whether we know it or not. It happens every day here at Pokeberry Pines – some small creature, a flower, a seed, an interaction between beings becomes a part of me and changes me in some small way. Sometimes I make a note of it in my journal or just in my mind. Sometimes it passes on by, but later resurfaces as an inspiration for art.

I planted just two seeds. Poppy seeds. A speck of dirt is bigger.

Would they even sprout, or just dry out in the pot or wash away in the rain?

Tiny leaves appeared and grew,

Stretching to the sky like Jack’s infamous beanstalk.

Frilly silver-green leaves soon sheathed the round stem and then…

Flowers. Bright and purple, delicate and waving like crepe paper in a breeze

bloomed at the top of that tall stalk. They lasted only a few days.

But they made ovaries swollen and round as the dainty petals fell away.

The ovaries hardened and dried and opened tiny windows near the top

where seeds spilled out by the hundreds, maybe thousands

when shaken.

A handful of tiny black specks full of all the makings of more flowers,

more purple, more beauty.

Inspiring art and awe.

Do you have poppies growing? Have you experienced something in your backyard that inspired art or awe lately? What is it? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below.


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