It’s the little things

Since the discovery of our blue ghost fireflies, we’ve heard from several other friends and folks that they, too, have found the blue ghosts on their property – including our friend Clyde. So, perhaps they aren’t so uncommon as once thought, but they surely have been hiding under everyone’s radar around the Piedmont. Being a part of their discovery is exciting, and we are eager to find out what species they are and more about their life and habits.

But the blue ghosts and glow-worms aren’t the only thing that has been capturing our attention here at Pokeberry Pines lately. Our woods and gardens are full of life – from the tiniest ladybug eggs on a tulip poplar leaf to the raucous screaming of crows as they chase off a red-shouldered hawk – and the sights and sounds fill our days with awe and wonder.

The following short video montage shows just a fraction of the action around here. I figure if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video might be worth a million. Watch for the native bees coming and going in our bee hotel. Listen to the red-eyed vireos singing in the forest. Note the rabbit eating rabbit tobacco (really!). Look for the frog pals. Enjoy the blooms and bugs. We certainly do. It’s the little things that make life wonderful and magical and worth living.

Speaking of little things…

Our Eastern phoebe brood fledged off the nest this week. They were fun to watch growing up. We wish them well as they journey forth to make lives of their own. Mama and papa phoebe worked hard to make sure they had the best possible start, as you can see in the following video.

The pileated woodpeckers have been tearing up logs looking for insects, and the great-crested flycatchers finally showed up this week. Summer is around the corner, and we are grateful for each day as we witness this magic unfold. Each day we feel more connected to this place and know that we are a part of a grand web of life.

Peace and blessings to you. Thanks for reading and watching.

What cool things are happening in your space this week?


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