Winter wanderings

It’s been pretty quiet around the homestead lately, being winter and the slow season for growing things. We had a little snow last week, then it got cold. Our snow was minimal, but upstream from us some places got three or four inches.

Curious to see the impact of the snowmelt, we took a little hike on the Haw River and found it churning with water and silt.

Haw River after a snowfall…

The trail was under water in places, but we managed to skirt around the edges of the fast moving water and found ice dangling from the the plants that were getting splashed on at the water’s edge.

Ice hanging from riverside plants

Further down the trail we climbed over rocks and under trees laden with beautiful patches of lichen and moss.

Brilliantly lit moss on a log
A patch of lichen and moss

On the return trip we were surprised to find icicles hanging from the rocks, shaded by the hills on the northwest side of the river.

Icicles dangle form the rocks by the Haw River on January 29th, 2021

Back home, the birds (and squirrels) have been busy at the feeders. We’ve enjoyed watching all their antics and colors.

Red-breasted nuthatch
The bluebirds have never stopped being active – always a delight in our yard
Pine warblers
Red-bellied woodpecker
House finch

Even during this quieter season, there are still signs of life all around. All we have to do is slow down with them and pay attention.

What did you observe in your space today?

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