Wolf Moon magic

Wolf moon rising over the family farm pond.

January’s full Wolf Moon is high in the sky as I write this. This is a time for letting go and for channeling the full moon’s energy into the activities (and beings) we are most passionate about. It’s also a time of high emotions – something I’ve noticed more in myself during the past few days.

Tonight is a good night to let the moon work its magic on us. A night to wrap our high emotions in the moon’s embrace and breathe deeply taking in the energy of the season. A night to reflect, let go, and just be.

Full moon through the trees at Pokeberry Pines.

After dinner I sat outdoors for awhile, looking up into the moon’s full, bright face. I breathed in the cold, crisp air, and smiled back at the moon as I exhaled my body-warmed breath. Everything stilled except the wind. No birds or insects chirped. No deer strolled by. No dogs barked. My body relaxed. My mind quieted. The stars twinkled. And I knew everything was perfect in that moment.

I walked toward the moon, moving quietly through the trees and on out to the meadow. The moonlight swept over the meadow like a spotlight on a stage. I placed my hand over my heart, grateful for the moon’s glow, grateful to be alive, grateful to be here, knowing I am where I am supposed to be.

I am where I need to be in this moment, in this place, in this time in my life. I am enough. I am okay. I am blessed.

I closed my eyes and sent my love out to the moon and the stars, to my perfect partner Mr. EndlessSeeker, to my friends near and far who are family in my heart, and to the magic of the universe. Thank you all for being a part of me and for giving me a part of you.

May we all find peace in our hearts and minds, our lives, our communities, and our collective consciousness. Happy full Wolf Moon, friends.

Blessed be.


  1. Deb, I had a girlfriend once who , when I asked how she was doing said, “I am at uneven parts with myself”. At the time I didn’t understand that feeling, but have since come to know it. I think you would have been able to settle her soul a bit, as you do mine, when I read your writings. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and much love….

    • We all have those moments and have to find our own ways to rebalance and reconnect. I’m glad that my writing helps settle your soul a bit. That means a lot to me. Thank you for all the love. Peace.

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