Solstice and a budding new year

On Monday night, we were privileged to celebrate the winter Solstice and the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn with good friends. We lit candles, let go of the things from 2020 that no longer support us, and viewed with awe Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings so visually close to each other.

On Tuesday morning, with the sun shining brightly on this new winter’s day, I strolled around the yarden. Feeling lighter, knowing that each day for the next six months will bring more minutes of daylight and the return of green and growth, I deliberately began looking for buds on plants. I was surprised to find so many beginning to swell and show their readiness for spring – especially since we have our coldest winter days yet to come.

Sweetgum buds shining in the sunlight, December 22, 2020
Downy serviceberry preparing for a weeks-away spring day…
Pawpaw bud clinging to its winter stem
Flowering dogwood’s bud aching to crack open…
Young elder buds peaking out from a limb…

There’s a rhythm to plant life, and they know what to do when the time is right. Our plant teachers tell us that we, too, know what to do when the time is right, as long as we stay centered, rooted to Mother Earth, connected to each other, and focused on the present moment. Our buds are those of kindness and caring, of love and honesty, ready to burst open and reach out when the time is right. We just need to be present and ready to spread our buds of kindness when and where they are most needed.

Happy Solstice and a Peaceful winter to you all!


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