On a winter’s day

A few days ago, I looked out the window and a song popped into my head, the lyrics “on a winter’s day” flowed through. It was the day before winter Solstice, and it was cold, gray, and rainy. Some people might immediately be California Dreamin’ on a winter’s day like that, but I was content to be right here in the cold and rain at Pokeberry Pines. I decided to wander and wonder around the yarden for a bit.

At a glance, it looked and felt very wintry – leafless trees, flat gray skies, frostbitten, drooping leaves and seed pods all around. The shorter days have done their job – they’ve made the living rest. Even I have been sleeping longer each night. But make no mistake, amid the gray and leafless landscape, life was still evident everywhere – budding, bubbling, bursting with anticipation of more sunshine and warmer air. As always, taking time to be present and look closely reminded me of the cycles and seasons, of life ever-evolving and awe-inspiring, and of our connections to and among all these living beings.

Moss fruiting bodies reach skyward
The cranefly orchids are leafing out all over the woods. Their purple undersides a stark contrast to the green upperside.
A lone raindrop-beaded flower on a rosemary shrub.
Dried pokeberries hang from a wilted stalk
Boneset seeds drip with raindrops
The hydrangea might be thinking it’s spring??
This frostbitten hosta has melted into a beautiful mandala full of colors and textures.
I love how so many of the plants’ leaves turned crimson after a frost.
Mushrooms are everywhere these days, many being nibbled on or outright dug up and devoured by hungry critters.

Such tiny gifts that bring huge joy and important lessons…on a winter’s day.

I hope you find some joy and contentment in your winter’s day.

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