Triple play

Just when I think it’s about winter, these sweet surprises keep reminding me… Not yet.

It’s supposed to get below freezing tonight, so I stepped out into the garden to snip a few of the last remaining flowers for a table bouquet, and found this triple play of skippers on a single coneflower.

And they weren’t alone… Another species of skipper and a bumblebee were also visiting.

But, I snipped a few flowers and made a little bouquet anyway…

It’s always the little things that make me smile and realize how lucky I am to be here now, to have this special place to live, and to share it with so many other wonderful living beings. Very grateful…


  1. Glad to hear such upbeat reflections in these more troubled times.

    Thanks, Deb.

    Joe ________________________________

    • You’re welcome, Joe. I’ve learned that my attitude and my mindfulness make a big difference in the way I move through the world and live my life. I believe the world would be a better place if more people could stop being busy and noisy and start being grateful for the little things and moment that is now.

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