Colors of November

It’s the second week of November, and I thought by now we’d be seeing leafless trees and brown grass with the onset of frosty mornings and freezing temperatures. But nature works in its own time, and our summers seem to be seeping right into November. We had only one day of below freezing temperatures so far this fall – on November 2nd – a full week later than the “norm” for our area, and it was only for a few hours at about 30 degrees. So, no plants froze or were even frost-bitten. But the bite of cold did do two things – it gave us a taste of winter to come, and it caused the deciduous tree colors to heighten to bold and beautiful levels.

Here at Pokeberry Pines, our wall of pine green has evolved into a treeline with a mid-story golden glow. Even though most of the flowers are gone and many plants are losing leaves and beginning their fall and winter rest period, a walk around the homestead reveals a dazzling array of colors and textures. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of them, so here’s a gallery of visual delights and November color. Enjoy!

Enjoy the changing of the seasons, day by day.

Peace and love through all your November days…


  1. So colorful! I especially like the two levels presented by the pines and deciduous trees at the tree line at the back of your land.

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