Cool convergence on a Sunday morning

Down by the creek at Pokeberry Pines

The weather forecast called for temperatures to dip into the 50’s by morning. At 8 PM last night it was already below 70, and the goosebumps rose on my arms when I went outside. So, we opened the windows and turned off the air conditioner for the first time in months. It was time to let the outside in!

At 3 o’clock this morning we awoke abruptly to the very loud, very close yipping and howling of coyotes outside our gate! It was amazing. There had to be four or five voices anyway, some adults and some pups. The long howl of an alpha male, yip-howls of perhaps the alpha female and some puppy yipping. Here’s an article about why coyotes are thriving in NC.


Five minutes later, the low long “Whooooooooooahhhh” of a barred owl filled the silence left after the coyotes stopped calling.

Barred owl (photo taken in Florida, 2005)

By daybreak it was down to 54 degrees, and the cool, dry air begged for company. We took a walk down to the creek to look for signs of the coyotes. Though none were found, we enjoyed the walk and the view. On the way back up to the house Mr. EndlessSeeker noticed an adult goldfinch feeding a young one on our sunflowers. The pair made quite a spectacle, with the juvenile wing flashing and begging, dad feeding him, and then the young one feeding himself. It was a beautiful bright spot in an already beautiful morning.

Feeding junior
Adult goldfinch feeding on sunflowers
Adult and juvenile goldfinches, feeding on sunflowers
Juvenile goldfinch learning to fend for himself

This convergence of events on a Sunday morning – the cool weather, bright moon, sunshine, and wild critters have brought on the sweet feel of autumn and a new appreciation for the wild things that share this space with us. On a very local level, in this moment, with these creatures all around us, life is good, abundant, and worth living. Hope your day brings the same level of joy and gratitude and wild creatures great and small!

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