Happy Spring Equinox – get outdoors!

Perseverance. A dandelion out in the middle of a gravel road – buds, flowers, and seeds…

This morning I woke up to the cardinals singing outside my window before the break of dawn. The sky was visibly gray, and I wondered if I’d get to see the sun rise. I didn’t. It waited until later in the morning to shine on my porch and usher in the highest temperatures we’ve had in months. But when it came out, it was wonderful! Welcome to spring in the northern hemisphere, everyone – the equinox – the halfway point between the longest day of the year and the shortest.

I’m finding it particularly weird watching nature’s spring unfurl (bringing new green leaves to the trees and shrubs, an abundance of wildflowers, and frenetic activity of birds, butterflies, and other insects as they emerge from their winter spaces) while also watching our human-designed world shut down, hunker down, and isolate during this pandemic. It’s a stark and peculiar contrast, as uncomfortable as a splinter in a toe. Yet, it’s a marvelous thing to see so many people taking advantage of their social distancing to get outdoors.

A buckeye bud unfurls to reveal tender new leaves

The spring growth and rituals of nature are a welcome antidote to the physical and mental challenges of social distancing, new sanitation and hygiene practices, and waiting for the virus to hit closer to home. People are getting it. Nature is a good healer. Yesterday, the parking lot at one local hiking trail was overflowing, so we had to find a different place to hike.

Fiddleheads emerging from the duff

Today we went to a little-known trail and found ourselves completely alone. On our walk we saw so many more insects than during the past couple of weeks. They are really starting to come out in great numbers – orange sulfur butterflies, plant hoppers, beetles and bees of all kinds. They truly bring the forest and meadows to life, providing food for other animals, pollinating plants, and showing the world their bright colors and well-adapted behaviors.

And while the bugs and birds provide plenty of color and fun, the seeds and flowers of trees are just as spectacular to behold.

Elm seeds with their fuzzy edges.

Getting outdoors for a walk or hike s a great, cheap, healthy activity for all of us during these times. It’s easy to maintain social distance and provides exercise and fresh air, and it’s good for our spirits. My only fear is that so many people will be using our pubic parks and spaces that we may end up over-using/loving them to death. So, when you go out there and hike or walk in the woods or in a park, be gentle. Take care of those natural resources that are so important to us all right now.

Happy Spring Equinox, loves. Smile!


  1. We are currently in the final stages of getting our garden together. My youngest daughter sat and took notice at all the birds that have been out, and how so many are making nests. She has been keeping count and “naming” the frequent flyers. My oldest son has taken notice to the increase in bugs around the yard, and my oldest daughter has been watching many of the plants start to rebud and return for the coming seasons.

    Nature has been one of the best ways to keep all of us distracted from the current craziness in the world.

  2. […] through our daily lives with a potentially deadly virus on the loose. I remember the irony of watching spring unfold around us as we hunkered down in lockdown, unable to leave our homes, go to work, or function in any normal […]

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