Winter’s sunrise

Sunrise, January 2, 2019 (photo by Deb Hanson)

There is a starkness to a winter sunrise
A stillness, too, that is unmatched in the humid, warm days of summer
Coldness penetrates the air

Birds perch on the highest limbs, still as statues,
Puffed up like toasted marshmallows
Trying to warm themselves with sun’s first light as it creeps over the horizon

And creep it does, as sure as time ticks on
The sun rises higher in the sky as our earth dances its ancient twirling dance
One of millions in the vast, bold universe

Light illuminates the morning as fog creeps along the lowlands
A promise of another day, a new opportunity
To embrace life, love unconditionally, laugh joyfully

The owl roosts, the hawk awakens, calling
Searching for its first meal of the day
Squirrels scamper along limbs and songbirds begin to chitter

And the winter sunrise marks a new beginning.

© 2019 Deb Dorsett Hanson


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