I’m a Solophile, are you?

Sunset over Nehalem Bay in Wheeler, OR.

A few mornings ago Mr. Endless Seeker and I were sitting on our porch watching the birds and reading. I was perched near the outer edge of the porch so that the sun touched every possible part of my body it could reach. After a while I noticed Mr. Endless Seeker move his chair back into the shady side of the porch.

I giggled a little and commented, “You always seek the shade, while I always gravitate toward the sun.”

“You are a solophile,” he said.

Sun reflects off a river

I smiled. He’s right. I am a sun-seeker, a sun-lover. When I awake each morning, the first thing I do is look east to see the sun. I thank it for being there to brighten my day and bring warmth and life to this planet.

The morning sunlight gleams through the leaves of a hackberry tree…

When I am cold, I seek the sun for warmth. I turn my face skyward and breathe in its heat.

Our Tygr always was a sun cat…seeking the sunspots, like me.

The sun brightens even the shortest, coldest winter days and makes them more lovely.

A beautiful sunny day for snowshoeing in the Mt. Hood Wilderness…

In spring and summer, it propels the growth of all the food we set on our table and energizes the process of photosynthesis, the byproduct of which is the oxygen we breathe.

Sunset over the Tallgrass Prairie in Kansas…probably the quietest place I’ve ever been.

Some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and the most special experiences I’ve ever shared with friends were made more beautiful and more special because of the sun…

My friend, B, wanders through the SItka spruce in an Oregon coastal forest…
When the clouds clear and the sun shines on my mountain…well…

Clearly, I enjoy the sun enough that I take a lot of photos of it 🙂

I am a sun-seeker, yes. A sun lover. A solophile.

Are you?


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