Spring invasion

I walked out on my porch in the middle of the day and immediately knew something was different. While we’ve been hearing a few birds singing regularly throughout the spring days – robins, titmice, wrens, house finches – today the woods were filled with what sounded like hundreds of new birds chirping and singing. It was different, incessant, and lovely. A quick look at movement among the new leaves of trees revealed dozens of bright yellow goldfinches feasting on the elm and other tree seeds.

I suspect this was a group migrating north toward summer homes, stopping along the way to feast on the abundance of food in our wild back yard. Lucky us to be witness to such beauty.

The goldfinches weren’t the only species decorating the forest, though. All our usual “porch birds” were still around, including those awesome, brilliant bluebirds I wrote about last week. It is such a sight to see bluebirds flying below us, where their blueness appears even brighter and more magnificent from above. And who can resist smiling at those poses…

Oh, that look!

During all this activity, our resident red-bellied and downy woodpeckers and my favorite feeder birds, the brave and bold little brown-headed nuthatches, continued to flit and feed and ignore us as we gawked at the new arrivals.

Brown-headed nuthatch

Such is life on our porch at the treehouse…

What kind of spring wildlife have you seen lately?


  1. What a feast for your eyes! We saw our usual, entertaining, egret, blue heron, and blue jay sightings, however, a mocking bird was perched on a branch at eye level, 3 feet from us. He gave us what I swear was a startled look, just staring right into my eyes, it seemed, til he flew away. Yes! What a look!

    • Hehe – Carolyn…. it’s always fun to be eye-to-eye with wildlife isn’t it? (as long as we are respecting their space and activities) Birds are very entertaining. I have a new post coming soon about another bird observation…seems that’s a theme lately.

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