A seeker looks at sixty

A Seeker Looks at Sixty

She nearly died before she had a chance to live
Six weeks old, in an oxygen tent
Innocent, sweet, stubborn
But she fought – and won

and spent her first decade

Dreaming of being an astronaut, a farmer, a veterinarian
Dressing up to play nurse to her sick grandfather
Mourning the losses of her heroes
Less innocent, still sweet, stubborn

in her second decade

She grew tall and strong
Resisted the pressure to fit in, to be like them
Traveled alone for the first time; began to understand this big, beautiful world
Experimented with life; discovered love, sex, vices
Experienced, sweet, stubborn

her third decade delivered

Expected milestones and unexpected opportunities
Graduations, marriage, job, house, baby
Exciting travel, deep learning, artistic and spiritual awakening
Lasting, powerful friendships
Wiser, sweet, still stubborn

inside her fourth decade

Life filled her up
With practicality, responsibility, drive
Supermom and super worker
Accumulating awards and things, but not enough memories
Tired, sweet, stubborn

so, during her fifth decade

She entered The Way of Harmony
Even as she fought a growing feeling of discontent
Proudly, she watched her son become a man and set out on his own
She explored her own independence and renewed her commitment to her one true love
Revived, sweet, stubborn

her sixth decade brought

Passion-filled work, stronger relationships, magnificent new adventures
She relished time with her love and wild things
Nourished her spirit on her mountain and by the sea
Found her way home where she was needed
Graceful, sweet, stubborn

and there she stands, on the edge of her seventh decade

Content in the moment
Wondering what magic is yet to come
Waking up to all that is possible
Feeling love, light, and gratitude
Grateful, sweet, stubborn


To the seekers.

To the sixties.


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