Thank you, Mother Earth

Leaf raindrops2

Thank you for the soil that holds and nurtures the trees, shrubs, herbs, and vines; that gets under my fingernails and coats the soles of my feet; that hosts worms and seeds and mycelium, connecting life to life – black humus, red clay, white sands.

Thank you for the air that fills my lungs with oxygen, moves weather across the continents, recycles water and carbon, carries sound waves, and moderates the Earth’s temperatures. Thank you for the moving air that disperses seeds far and wide and cools my skin on a hot summer’s day.

Thank you for the plants – trees, shrubs, flowers, and food plants – that provide shelter, food, medicine, and beauty to so many living beings on the planet. I am more fascinated each day by their many forms and functions, adaptations and processes. When I watch a plant move to face the sun or close its flower to protect a pollinator, I am always in awe.

Thank you for the birds whose songs wake me each morning, making me smile and appreciate being alive. Their colors brighten the forest and fields, and their presence reminds me there is a world of life beyond the limits of land and water.

Thank you for the other animals – bugs and beasts – who swim, slither, crawl, walk, run and jump within the web of life. There is so much we will never understand about them, but I know that each one is here with purpose, and I have a responsibility to care for them all.

Thank you for water, that life-giving liquid that quenches my thirst and connects us all through its cycles and flow ways, its currents and phases, its power and caresses. Each time I see a dewdrop on a leaf, feel a mist upon my face, or drink a clear, cold glass of water, I know I could not exist without it.

Thank you for caring for us, for supporting life, for providing hope, and for showing us how to be strong, resilient, creative, and caring. You are our example to follow, our teacher, our inspiration to live life with purpose and compassion.

Thank you, Mother Earth. Happy Earth Day.


Note: This post was inspired by the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address  , which I learned about by reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Their words of greetings and thanksgiving to the natural world are shared out loud before starting the day. Their words are so much more eloquent than mine, so please take a few minutes to read them. 

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