Returning to where we fell in love

Yesterday, our good friend, Clyde, and my college professor, Phil Doerr, took Keith and I back to Lake Mattamuskeet and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges to see the duck, goose, and swan show that is a winter staple in the low country of eastern North Carolina. Thirty-eight years ago this month on a field trip to this very place is where Keith and I met and fell in love, each holding a swan in our arms. We were there for a research project sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, banding geese and swans.

Yesterday, we didn’t hold any swans, but we sure enjoyed the show they put on, along with the tens of thousands of snow geese, blue geese, and even a triplet of sandhill cranes as the sun was setting in the cloudy western sky. It was doubly special to experience this force of nature with Clyde and PD, who were both such big parts of our lives during college and beyond.

The birds were a grand reminder that we are only a small part of the universe, that nature’s ways are wild and wonderful, and that we have both physical and spiritual connections with every living thing. I am so grateful for the swans and geese, but also for special friendships and for the love of my life, whom I might never have met were it not for those beautiful swans and geese.

Enjoy the following scenes from our trip on this 2-minute video:


  1. Incredible, so much to see in our world. And such a beautiful way to meet your love, timing really is everything.

  2. What a wonderful experience to see nature in it’s glory. Especially when you can replay the magic when you first met. Often we cannot revisit, because these places have disappeared, but here you are, the magic goes on

    • Pretty cool, Mike. Keith says there are no coincidences. I’m just grateful our paths have crossed and we get to share part of our journey with you two!

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