Give with Tom’s One for One® program

Day 352 of #LiveWell2017

Day 352 shoes

Yesterday I wrote about a buy a pair-give a pair campaign for giving eye glasses to those in need. This type of business model was first made famous by Tom’s Shoes. For every pair of Tom’s shoes you bought, they donated a pair to a person in need. Today, Tom’s has expanded both its products and its One-for-One® giving and helping program.

Today, Tom’s gives shoes, improves sight, improves access to water, helps mothers give birth safely, and boosts kindness by helping to prevent bullying. Their giving programs have helped over 70 million people in 90 countries. Each sale of shoes, bags, sunglasses and apparel triggers a gift of goods or services that helps someone else improve their lives. It’s one of my favorite business models, and something I enjoy supporting. What a fantastic way to #CreateGoodness all over the world.

So, if you have a need for a Tom’s product and want to give in this unique way, have fun shopping! I have no association with nor do I get any benefit or compensation from Tom’s. I just think this is how every business ought to behave, so I want to support those that do.


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