How one man used Amazon Prime Now to help people experiencing homelessness when they needed it most

Bonus post for Day 349 of #LiveWell2017

Guys – you’ve got to see this! It came across my Good News Network  feed this morning and fits right in with our theme of giving this month. When I lived in Portland, OR, the homeless population nearly doubled in three years. Seeing these folks camped out on the streets or laying in store doorways each day was heartbreaking. I did what I could by supporting Street Roots and other local organizations that help the homeless, but this takes it to a whole new level.

For the privileged that we are – those of us who have a home and food and jobs and money – using a delivery service like this could make the difference between life and death for a person. Of course, the better course of action is to make our society and economy such that no one ever finds themselves homeless, jobless, or out on the streets for any reason, but for a short-term bit of assistance, this is pretty darn amazing.

I have to hand it to the Amazon delivery folks in this video – they were the ones who made this idea work. Take a look, and get ready to cry!




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