Give a day

Day 343 of #LiveWell2017

Day 343 give a day

If you are a traveler, here’s a neat way to give some of your time and energy to a cause while on vacation (or even while on a work trip). GiveaDayGlobal can hook you up with a local nonprofit group in 15 different countries (so far). You can spend four hours reading to elementary students in South Africa, prepare and serve food to children or the elderly in Cancun, Mexico, help feed and bathe retired and abused elephants in Thailand, or help build a house in El Salvador. How about giving back to the people in a country where you are enjoying your leisure time? A little kindness could add a whole level of adventure and meaning to your vacation.

If you aren’t traveling and want to volunteer a day or part in your local community, there are thousands of organizations looking for hands on deck. HandsOn is part of the Points of Light Network which aggregates volunteer opportunities from many organizations into a searchable database and makes it easy to find a volunteer opportunity near you. Another place to look is on Volunteer Match.

You can also look to your church or civic group, scan your city or county’s website, or ask at your local library for volunteer opportunities in your local area. Most areas have great needs for volunteers, and giving one day a year, a month, or a week can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

So, give a day of your time and talent to help someone near or far.

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