Give thanks

Day 340 of #LiveWell2017

Day 340 give thinks (2)

It’s a simple gift, but often one of the hardest for us to give – say thank you.

Giving the gift of thanks has a way of transforming both giver and receiver. Thanking someone for a specific act is a way to show appreciation, to connect on an emotional level, to show respect, and to make you healthier (yes, being grateful is good for your heart!). Saying thank you benefits the receiver of the thanks, too. People who are thanked for something are more motivated to help in the future (and not just help the person who thanked them, but other people as well). Why? Because they appreciate being needed and feel more socially valued.

Thank, don’t apologize. Often, when people do something nice for us, we end up apologizing for taking up space in their house or taking up time in their day. ( know I’ve done both before.) Instead, thank them for making room for you or time for you. After all, helping others makes us feel good. Getting thanked for helping is a bonus for everyone.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. A simple “thanks” for small acts of kindness or even for just doing something that is expected in the course of everyday life will be very much appreciated. My husband cooks dinner for us almost every day. He doesn’t have to, but he loves to cook,  so dinner prep is something both of us have come to expect him to do each night. But I still thank him for it – every single day.

So, today – and every day – make saying thanks a regular part of your being and doing. Show your gratitude with those two powerful words – THANK YOU.

And thank you for reading my blog, for commenting, and for sharing. I do appreciate each one of you, every single day.


  1. Thank you! You touched my heart and filled my eyes …again and again I thank you. This is such a beautiful post made up of heart warming, eye brimming words.

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