Leave love behind

Day 331 of #LiveWell2017

Day 331 death of a friend

An old friend of mine passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the day before Thanksgiving. We were not real close these days, but we had worked and socialized together for a couple of decades back when I was first starting my career. We had kept in touch through social media and still shared both a deep love for nature and a commitment to environmental education for everyone. He was a nice guy who was enjoying his retirement by sailing every chance he got.

As I read through comments left by his friends and family, it occurred to me that he left two really important things behind: a circle of people who care for the Earth with all of its natural beauty and an example of doing what you love for work and for play. Those are beautiful gifts to the universe and all of humanity.

His passing is another reminder to #LiveWell and #CreateGoodness every single day. Love the earth. Do what you love. Say thank you. Say “I love you.”

Make the most of every day.


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