You are valuable

Day 320 of #LiveWell2017

Day 320 valuable

I was hiking along the Haw River today and came across this message hot-glued to a large rock in the river. Anyone walking along the river there and paying attention would notice it. Putting aside the notion that it’s essentially pollution or vandalism, the unexpected message made me smile. You are valuable.

A surprise, unsolicited validation that I matter. Who wouldn’t feel good when they read that? You are valuable. Indeed, each one of us has value. We all count. We all matter, because each one of us contributes SOMETHING to the universe with each breath we take. Each moment we have the opportunity to choose what that something is. Is it positive energy? Kindness? Negativity? Anger? Sadness? Art? Music? An invention? A helping hand? Compassion? Spite? Joy?

Each of us is connected to everything else in the universe. Who you are and what you do matters. Choose to #LiveWell and #CreateGoodness every day.

You are valuable.


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