Adapt or be miserable

Day 318 of #LiveWell2017

Day 318 Adapt

We were walking along the exposed shoreline of B. Everett Jordan Lake recently and came across this magnificent pine tree. I was immediately captivated by its root structure, exposed due to the current low water levels. The lake level changes throughout the year, depending on rainfall, drought, and withdrawals for urban use. I looked up to see that the tree was indeed still green and very much alive. It has adapted to the changing water (and soil) levels, sending its roots into the soil at 90-degree angles, making the tree appear to be floating above the surface of the sand.

In our lives, every single day, every single minute, things are changing. The moment we are experiencing right now is gone just as quickly as you read each word in this sentence. Nothing is the same as it was a second ago. Change is the only constant.

If we don’t adapt, go with the flow, embrace what IS rather than wish for what COULD BE, then we can get pretty miserable very quickly. Adapting allows us to bend with the wind, flow down stream, appreciate the fleeting beauty of now, and carry on.

So, how are you adapting? What keeps you alive and flourishing amid the ever-changing present? How do you choose to spend each fleeting moment of your day? What do you leave in its wake? Are you happier, calmer, kinder, more mindful, more compassionate? Did you create some goodness and live well in your place?

How do you adapt to your ever-changing world?


  1. Boy, each post I read, I think “truer words were never spoken”. I’ve been an “adapter” from way back. Somehow long ago I learned that flowing with the river was much easier than fighting against it. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have a tendency now and then to fight the flow, I do. And when I find myself fighting…again…I sit quietly, take deep breaths, and allow once again. Because time and time again in life I’ve learned “this too shall pass” or there’s a reason for this, what can I learn?

      • Yes, because it CERTAINLY does pass. ..and thank God, or there would be no space for the next “this” to be allowed to pass thru one’s life. Speaking from experience after a night of one “this” after another! My goodness.

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