Share your story #WorldKindnessDay

Day 317 of #LiveWell2017          Today is #WorldKindnessDay

Day 317 kindnessday

Kindness matters. It spreads love and compassion, joy and surprise, help and hope. Everyone has at least one kindness story – some kind act they have done for someone or some thing or a kindness someone did for them. Let’s share some kindness stories on this #worldkindnessday.

Here’s mine: I believe sharing food is a profound act of kindness. I love good food – especially fresh vegetables, greens, grains, and breads. So, when anyone makes or gives me homemade food or ingredients, my heart sings. Keith has become quite a competent bread baker lately, and today he baked a yeasty loaf of boule, cut off a warm, crisp chunk of it fresh from the oven, and handed it to me to savor. This small act of kindness made my day. The little things matter. Kindness matters.

While my story is personal and small, there are many ways in which giving food is changing lives in big ways. In my small town, TABLE provides emergency food for hungry children AND teaches them how to make healthy snacks for themselves, while providing ingredients for them. Our local food cooperative, Weaver Street Market, donates money and food to TABLE, so everyone who shops at or joins the coop is helping feed kids in our community. It’s a win-win for all.

Kindness isn’t just about food, though.  What is your kindness story?


  1. My youngest sister is the baker and cook in our family. Last night she made a couple loaves of home made bread and sage cookies. She called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to meet her outside our gated community for some of it, she’d drop it off on her way to her daughters house, we all live within a five mile radius of each other. I said YES, though I was in my pj’s. Threw a jacket over my pjs, jumped in the car and met her outside the gate, where practically in the middle of the street with the headlights of cars all around us she gave me the wonderful baked items. In exchange I gave her a couple of bottles of the limited Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager. And a six pack of the same for her daughter and son-in-law. We hugged and she went on her merry way to her daughters house to make another delivery. It’s a moment I will hold in my minds eye forever. Today I took half the bread and sage cookies to our mom who lives just 10 miles south of us. She and I have a date for a 1933 beer and sandwich lunch on my balcony Monday. Food (and beverages) bring us all together. So many memories and special moments are made around and because of it all!

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