Listen to the birds sing

Day 283 of #LiveWell2017

Day 283 birds sing

I was sitting on my porch this morning, contemplating drawing, when I heard several birds calling. A Carolina wren singing like there was no tomorrow down in the understory, crows cawing back and forth above, a downy woodpecker trill at mid-canopy. Then a small, but close-by chirp caught my ear, and I tuned in more closely. Just about eye-level was a beautiful, female Eastern towhee, perched on a branch 10 feet from my porch railing. I was awed by her chocolate head and cape and rusty-colored sides. I’ve seen many male towhees with their starkly black, white, and orange plumage, but this female was gorgeous in her chocolate brown.

Suddenly, I had the urge to draw her. It gave me a chance to play with my limited assortment of colored pencils but mostly she was just inspiration to draw, period. IF I hadn’t tuned in to her little chirp, I might have not drawn at all and surely wouldn’t have thought to draw a towhee. After I finished my rough little sketch, I discovered that there are some rather sweet benefits of listening to birds (besides inspiration for drawing). So, there, now you have an excuse to go for a walk, sit on your porch, or open your window!

Listening to birds is an easy way to tune into the present moment and appreciate what’s happening right around you – that is, to be mindful. Who knew birds could help us be mindful? What helped you be mindful today?


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