Be the water…not the rock

Day 279 of #LiveWell2017

Day 279 Be the water

Long ago, I learned the phrase “be the water, not the rock.” The lesson, of course, is for us humans to be like the water flowing down a stream, over and around the rocks, going with the flow, being fluid and flexible and adapting to what’s happening, rather than being like the rock, standing still, being unmovable, unforgiving, inflexible, and causing ripples and waves all around you.

This week I had several opportunities to be the water – or the rock. Sometimes it is very hard to choose to be the water. Sometimes you just want to scream or push or demand. Being the water requires me to take a breath, step back, get perspective, choose my words carefully, put myself in other people’s shoes. It sometimes requires me to admit I’m wrong. Being the water is especially useful when talking on the phone to a customer service rep. Being the rock only causes more friction, more turbulence, more suffering.

Being the water is so much more pleasant and rewarding. More peaceful. More powerful. More loving.

Be the water.

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