Lead the way

Day 270 of #LiveWell2017

Day 270 leading the way (1)

Since we arrived here in the south a month ago, signs of autumn have been creeping into view – more leaves on the ground, spiders in abundance, juvenile squirrels building leaf nests, tailgate food for sale at the grocery stores!

I’ve been watching the trees out my new back porch. A few of them have started to drop leaves here and there. The sycamore and beeches most notably. The largest red oak that towers a good 60 feet above the ground remains full of bright green leaves…until yesterday. Yesterday, I looked up to see one single branch near the top had turned a brilliant yellow.

This one branch has used the clue of fewer daylight hours to take the lead in stopping the process of photosynthesis and bringing on the colors of autumn. A few other leaves are starting to turn yellow on this tree, but this one branch has definitely gone all-out.

As I settle into my new roles as caretaker, neighbor, and local citizen, I will have to decide where I want to take the lead and where I need to follow or walk beside. My clues won’t come as the shortening of the daylight hours, but from being present and mindful and paying attention to the people and causes that need me. Living well in my new community means contributing where I can make the most impact. Certainly caring for my family comes first, but beyond that I know I want to contribute to the community in other ways and perhaps take the lead to make this a better place.

How do you take the lead and contribute to living well in your community?



  1. A timely message for me, dear Deb. I have just decided to take another position with a behavioral health company in SW WA and move on to something where I feel I can use my talents and passion to make a difference in the health and wellness of my community. More to come….I have not yet announced this change so mums the word for now. All the best, Leah

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