Morning questions

Day 269 of #LiveWell2017

Day 269 who are you -
Photo by Ben Loader on Unsplash


I got an email from The Minimalists this week. In it, Ryan and Josh relayed a parable often told by Rob Bell about a man coming to a fork in the road and taking the path that leads to a conversation revolving around the question: “Who are you and what are you doing here”?

I wondered, what would my life be like if I asked myself those questions each morning or when I arrived at work or before I spoke to a friend? Would it change what I did or said?

Would it change what you did or said? Would those questions change your mind about anything?

Certainly, these questions can be asked and answered about or before any particular situation. (I’m Deb, and I’m here to write a story.) But what happens if they are asked in the broader context of life in the universe? Who am I (Is there really a me, a self?), and what am I doing here (in the world)?

You can read the entire re-told parable here.

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