The value of daily practice

Day 266 of #LiveWell2017

When I was growing up and learning to play the piano or saxophone, learning steps to a dance, or even memorizing a poem in my high school English class, I remember so many adults saying to me, “practice makes perfect.” Well, I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfection, but I have learned that practice really does make me better at certain things, especially when I practice daily.

In particular, lately, I realized that during our big move across country and while settling into our new home and life patterns, I’ve not practiced meditation and mindfulness as regularly as I had before. The result is more tension, less patience, and a general unease with myself. This week I started making time for daily practice again. Taking just 10 or 15 minutes each morning and/or evening to breathe purposefully, to quiet my mind, to focus on nothing, and it has made a difference. It makes me better, not only at meditation, but at living fully and purposefully. Daily mindfulness practice makes it easier to return to calm, peaceful state during the days when life feels chaotic or in a rapid state of change.

I have spent a lot of time during these past few weeks communicating with friends and family impacted by hurricanes, wildfires, life changes, and uncertainty. I’ve watched the news and felt uneasy about the state of the world. There is much pain and suffering, fear and unrest among us, within us, and around us. Let’s face it, life has been tough for a lot of people lately.

Yet, I am reminded each day as I sit and watch the birds, squirrels, bugs, and butterflies living in the trees by my back porch that there is really only this moment – only this second – in which to live life fully. It serves us each well to practice living in the moment, being mindful that this moment is all we have, being grateful for what we have, and making the most of the moments as they come and go through our lives.

Practice for peace.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding us of the important things in life. I treasure your messages. Thinking and worrying about all our friends dealing with real hardships and hoping they will overcome this difficult time.

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