Being kind in the wake of disaster

Day 242 of #LiveWell2017

Day -- help any way you can

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the good citizens of Texas. We’ve all seen the images of the wide-spread flooding, but Texas isn’t the only place that’s been pounded by storms and flooding recently. I’ve got friends in SW Florida whose homes were flooded after nearly 20 inches of rain dumped there last weekend. Across the globe in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, 1200 people have been killed by flooding. Our weather systems have gone wild, and we are not prepared for the devastation.

As bad as all this is for the people affected, there is some good news. People are showing and sharing their kindness. Volunteers, neighbors, first responders, national guard members, strangers have all stepped up and stepped in to help with generous acts of kindness. I was moved by the generous and immediate offers of help I saw offered to my friends in SW Florida by people who lived nearby. There is a lot of goodness out there.

If you are wondering how to help those impacted by these storms here are a couple resources:

How to help victims in Texas

Disaster relief for India flood victims

No matter the place or the people affected, any small act of kindness can help. Thanks for being kind to someone today.

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