Be your truest self

Day 218 of LiveWell2017

Day 217 truest self

The other day, I got to thinking about introverts and extroverts and the expectations we impose on each other based on our own ways of being and thinking. So often we expect other people in our circles and in our families to do the things we do, to have the same kind of life experiences. We expect them to act the way we would act.

But, consider this…what if you are an extrovert and your friend or family member is an introvert? You benefit from social interaction. They are drained by it. You appreciate having people around and being the center of attention. They just want some time alone to be themselves and ponder the universe. Both are fine, and we all need to stretch out of our comfort zones and reach for new experiences, but within our own boundaries and timelines.

It’s OK to be your true self. Let your friends and family members be their true selves, too.

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