Look for the best in others

Day 207 of #LiveWell2017

Day 207 Look for the best in others

This is Day 2 to practice Elementary School Rules. None of us are perfect. We each have our own quirks, habits, beliefs, and opinions. So, getting along and being kind can sometimes pose a challenge. Nevertheless, everyone has some good in them somewhere.

Today’s challenge is to look for the best in each person you meet, encounter, talk with, engage, or otherwise come across today. Share the goodness you notice by adding a comment below. Let’s see how many good things we can discover in and about other people today.

One comment

  1. I loved and greatly appreciated the energy of my jazzercise instructor today as she confidently guided us thru many new routines today, the sense of humor in my yoga instructor as she put us seniors thru many difficult exercises today, encouraging us to laugh thru the pain and the compassion of both my physical therapist and her husband. Quite a day, Blessed!

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