It’s Good News Monday!

Day 206 of #LiveWell2017

Day 205 Good news Monday

OK, it’s Monday, and who couldn’t use a little good news on everyone’s worst day of the week? Right? So, here is a roundup of three heart-warming “good news” stories to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Oregon Man Rebuilds Furniture and Better Future For Refugees  – This Oregon furniture company is hiring refugees, helping them learn English and skills, and providing them with opportunities for job advancement!

Dog Rescuer’s Car Breaks Down, Cop Lends His Own This cop loaned out his personal car to ensure that some lucky dogs were transported safely to their new foster homes.

And, this is one of my favorite stories of the week… a bride-to-be invites the homeless to her wedding reception, even though she never got married. Canceled wedding turns into a meaningful time for homeless guests

#LiveWell and #CreateGoodness!

What was your good news for the day?

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