Stay alert #mindfulness

Day 197 of #LiveWell2017

Day 197 stay alert

I’ve  spent a lot of time in the woods and watching wildlife. Each species and every individual has its own definition of personal space. I’ve seen great blue herons fly away when I was still 500 yards away from them, but alligators that stayed put when I walked right by their noses. These animals survive because they are always on alert. A deer living in panther territory better be in the present moment, alert and aware. They must be present in the moment.

As humans, most of us don’t have to always be on alert for our survival, but we could take a lesson from the wild things about being present. When we are constantly thinking about the future or the past, we miss too much of what is happening right now.

I am preparing to move, and as our move date gets closer, I’m finding it hard to stay present. I find myself reminiscing about the past few years or thinking about what life will be like once we move. Of course I need to attend to the details of the move, but I shouldn’t be spending most of my time thinking about the past or planning for the future. I still have a present to live in, complete with friends to enjoy and fun things to do each day.

Watching the wildlife around me reminds me to be present like them, to be awake and aware of what’s going on around me right now, to be fully involved and engaged with where I am and who I am with at the moment. I need to stay alert and awake, mindful of right now. This is my challenge and an opportunity for practice.

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