Extend ki and spread some love

Day 186 of #LiveWell2017

Day 186 ki

I’ve been thinking about people I love who are going through some tough times. It’s always hard to see people suffer, especially when they live far away and I can’t really do much to help them, other than be there for them emotionally and offer moral support. A long time ago, a wise person once told me a way to spread love to someone far away was to physically face in the general direction where that person lives, center myself, and then extend my positive energy toward them.

In Aikido, this practice is called extending ki (spirit) and it is a bit similar to the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness meditation.

So, today, let’s all spread some love and send some positive energy out to our friends, family, or others who need it by turning in their direction, taking some deep breaths, getting centered and connected to the earth, and extending our happy, positive energy to them.

Turn, breathe, center, extend ki. Let’s collectively create some goodness in the world!

Who will you send your love and energy to today?



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