June #LiveWell2017 recap

Day 181 of #LiveWell2017

It was a month full of gratitude for people, places, things, ideas , and actions that have enriched my life. Thanks to all of you for your continued reading and support. Happy summer!

Day 152 thanks for bicyclesDay 153 Insight timerDay 154 Gratitude- people who stand up for the planetDay 155 loveDay 156 grateful for my kidDay 157 writersDay 158 shade from forestsDay 159 unsubscribeDay 160 surprisesDay 161 todayDay 166 roadsDay 167 birdsDay 169 father's dayDay 168 passionDay 170 friendshipDay 171 summer solsticeDay 172 riverDay 174 grace in natureDay 175 freedom of expressionDay 176 sunday parkwaysDay 177 adventures

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